Theater No. 1 - Building No. T- 80 (Transfer Theater)
Located on 10th Street
Theater No. 2 - Building No. T- 2280 (Sharon Theater) - Opened May 13, 1943
Located on E (Edgewood Drive) Street
Theater No. 3 - Building No. T- 1580 (Mercer Theater) - Opened April 17, 1943
Located off A (Arlington) Street
Theater No. 4 - Building No. T- 680 (Greenville Theater) - Opened May 6, 1943
Located on 7th Street
Theater No. 5 - Building No. T- 2380 - Opened February 25, 1944
Located on D (Delmar Street) Street (the last theater built during the camp's third expansion)

Camp Movie Guide for the week of April, 15, 1943
"Hit Parade of 1943" with John Carroll and Susan Hayworth
 Pathe News and Shorts
"Henry Aldrich Gets Glamour"
"Taxi Mister"
"Hello, Frisco, Hello," with John Payne, Jack Oakie and Alice Faye
''Cabin in the Sky" with Ethel Waters and Rochester
"Road to Morocco" with Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, and Dorothy Lamour
"Flight for Freedom" with Rosalind Russell and Fred McMurray

Camp Movie Guide for the week of April, 22, 1943
"Flight for Freedom" with Herbert Marshall, Rosalind Russell and Fred McMurray
"Desert Victory" the British full-length newsreel of the great victory of the British Eighth Army in the Libya
"Sherlock Holmes in Washington" with Nigel Bruce and Basil Rathbone
"Slightly Dangerous" with curvaceous Lana Turner
''Springtime in the Rockies'' in Technicolor with Betty Grable
"This Land is Mine" starring Charles Laughton

Camp Movie Guide for the week of April, 29, 1943
"A Stranger in Town," with Frank Morgan, Jean Rogers and Richard Carlson.
"Rhythm of the Islands," with Allan Jones and Jane Frazee.
"Edge of Darkness," with Errol Flynn, Ann Sheridan and Walter Huston.
 RKO Pathe News.
"The Falcon Strikes Back," with Tom Conway and Harriet Hilliard.
"Medicine on Guard," in This Is America Series.
 Kay Kyser in "Screen Snapshots"
 Color cartoon, "Air Raid Warden
"You Were Never Lovelier," with Fred Astaire and Rita Hayworth.
"Mexican Police on Parade," Fitzpatrick Traveltalk.
 Popeye cartoon.
"My Friend Flicka," in Technicolor.

Camp Movie Guide for the week of May 6, 1943
"My Friend Flicka," in Technicolor.
"I Walked With a Zombie'
"Assignment in Brittany," with Pierre Aumont and Susan Peters.
 Cartoon, Patriotic Pooches
 Pathe News.
"They Came to Blow Up America," with George Sanders and Anna Sten.
"I Spied For You"
 Pete Smith short, "The President's Dog, Fala.
 Swing Your Partner, short,
"I Escaped From the Gestapo" with Dean Jagger and John Carradine.
 Ina Hay Hutton Orchestra, short.
 Screen Snapshots, short.
 Cartoon, 0 Below Zero.
"White Savage," with Maria Montez, Jon Hall and Sabu, (in Technicolor ).
 This is America, short.
 Pathe news.
'They Came to Blow Up America."