Camp Reynolds - World War II Army Cam



Flying Flag on Original Flag Pole

Camp Reynolds Project

The Camp Reynolds Project was created and is managed by Art Williams, owner of ACW Productions. The purpose of the CRP is to preserve and share the history of the World War II Army camp, Camp Reynolds, formerly known as the Shenango Personnel Replacement Depot.

The CRP is sponsored by ACW Productions along with the help of Business Sponsors and Friends of Camp Reynolds.

The collection of Camp Reynolds memorabilia include the following; original 8 ft maps (details the buildings and streets of the camp), a map which shows the former land owners and the acreage used for the camp, over 200 Signal Corps photos of the camp, 80 plus editions of the Victory News (the camp's weekly newspaper), a camp telephone directory, a written history, other camp photos, and other maps along with other memorabilia. The collection has been digitally captured for safe keeping and also used for display & research.

The CRP has produced a variety products that are sold to help continue the development of the Camp Reynolds Project. The products include an Historical DVD, a History Booklet, a History Poster, a Map of the Camp, and a DVD that combines the 50th Celebration and the Time Capsule Burial. The above products are available in the Camp Store.

The Camp Reynolds Project has been able to share the history of the camp through speaking engagements, displays, tours, private viewings and through the web site. The CPR has also been highlighted on a local TV News segment, on a local talk radio session and in local newspapers.

Art Williams, the Camp Reynolds Project Manager grew up on property that was formerly part of the camp and in his early years lived in a building purchased from the camp when it closed. All of his life, he has been interested in the history of World War II and it's connection with the area.

His mother worked at the camp hospital as a clerk, his dad was helping to build the roofs on the water towers at the camp before he quit to join the Navy and his grandfather was a carpenter foreman at the camp when it was being built.

Art as a member of the 50th Anniversary Celebration Committee for Camp Reynolds created a video of the 3 day celebration in 1992. Since 1994 when the Committee disbanded he has personally undertaken the development of the history of the Camp to preserve and share it locally, across the state and the country.