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Victory News
October 28, 1943
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Victory News
January 6, 1944
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Camp Newspaper - The Victory News

The Victory News was the camp's newspaper which was published by the Public Relations Office at the encampment. It was printed at The Record-Argus newspaper in Greenville, PA. It was an eight page weekly paper that was distributed every Thursday for free to the officers and the men under this command. The first edition of the paper was April 15, 1943 and its final edition was November 30, 1944.
During it's existence the Victory News had three different mastheads.
The first masthead, which was a freehand drawing, was used from April 15, 1943 through August 19, 1943. At that time the camp was known as the Shenango Personnel Replacement Depot (Camp Shenango). 
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The second masthead was made of clean cut graphics and fonts. This masthead was used from August 26, 1943 through September 16, 1943.
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The only change to the last masthead was the name of the camp, as it had been renamed Camp Reynolds after Pennsylvania civil war hero Major General John F. Reynolds who was killed in the first day of battle at Gettysburg. This masthead was used from September 23, 1943 till the paper ended on November 30, 1944.
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The Victory News contained a wide variety of information for the service men and women. Below is listed many of the segments that were in the Victory News.

War News / Army News / Camp News
War Bond Drives
The Wolf Cartoon / Male Call Comic Strip
Misc Cartoons / Lauff of the Week / Misc Jokes
News Sections About the following:
Headquarters / Military Police / Officers Quartermasters / Medical Detachment
Professional & College / Sportstutorial / Sports Quiz Warmin the Bench / Sports Slants from other Camps
Chaplin's Corner
A short message from a camp chaplin.
Morning Report
Segment highlighting a service members' actions.
Chapel Services
Listing the chapel services on the base.
The C Bag
Life Savers
Cartoons highlighting safety tips for soldiers.
Dental Advice
Section with information & tips on good dental care.
Music Canteen
News from music entertainment world.
Save Ads
To promote rationing.
Remembrances of Nazis war actions.
Hollywood Actresses Photos
Photos & Preview of upcoming movies.
Inquiring Line
Section to answer soldiers' questions.
Book Views
Review of several books.
Inquiring Reporter
Section where servicemen and civilian workers answer the question of the week.
Soldier at Large
Entertainment Information for the soldiers in the local town & cities
Soldier of the Week
Section highlighting one of the camp's soldiers.
Listing of Promotions in the camp.
Service Clubs
Events scheduled at the camps' Service Clubs.
Shennigans/Reynolds Ramblings
News tidbits about the camp and people there.
Movies on the Post
Listing of movies in the camp  theaters.
News from Your Own Home Town
News highlights from cities across the U.S.